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Thai Yoga Massage Workshop by Scoop Slyman


Thai Massage is a 2500 year old healing practice, that uses acupressure along the energy lines of the body while moving through gentle yogic stretches, stimulating muscular and energetic healing and putting the body in a deep state of relaxation. This workshop will guide you through an easy full body Thai Massage sequence which is both calming and uplifting. Best part of the class is you not only learn to give massage, but you also receive massage!

-Scoop Slyman-
アメリカでスポーツとともに生まれ育ち、アスリートの怪我の予防としてヨガに興味をもつ。ハワイ大学を運動科学の研究分野で修了後、ヨガやマインドフルネスの世界に没頭し始める。自分のヨガの練習を続ける中で、自分自身と向き合うこと、他人と深く、心から関わることを学び、あらゆる道を模索する中でパワーヨガの指導者となる。その後、アクロヨガレベル2の指導者、そしてタイマッサージ施術者になり、ヨーロッパ、アジア、北アメリカ、南アメリカを旅し、ハンドスタンド、アクロバット、ボディーワークそれぞれの先生から学び、自分独自のスタイルを確立していく。今回、IGNITE YOGA STUDIOでのScoop Slymanワークショップは、日本初となる。
I grew up moving back and forth across the United States and always playing sports. I took an interest in yoga at a young age because I heard professional athletes use it to stay healthy and prevent injuries, but had little time to practice because of my demanding athletic and academic schedule. After completing the University of Hawaii’s Master’s program in Kinesiology, Being an athlete, I was first drawn to the physical aspect, the movement and asanas, working to be stronger and limber, but there was something unique that came with a yoga practice that was different then how I had previously trained...mindfulness. What is going on in your mind as your body moves? This was such a new method of training from the sports world of “Ignore it and keep going,” and “No pain no gain!”
I have since immersed myself into yoga exploring every avenue there is to expand my practice, learning to deeper connect with myself and others. It has lead me to become a Power Yoga and AcroYoga Level 2 teacher and Thai massage practitioner. My practice has brought me around the globe to Europe, Asia, North and South America to teach, train and learn from some amazing yoga, handstand, acrobatics, and body work teachers, each one having amazing gems of knowledge they share, which have worked their way into my unique approach and style of teaching. I am always ecstatic to share what I have learned, but even more excited to connect with and learn from everyone I meet. Namaste

DROP IN: ¥4000